Tentative schedule

21, Aug., 6pm: Welcome reception

22, Aug., 8am-5pm: the 1st day presentation

  • Open ceremony
  • Plenary #1
  • Plenary #2
  • Parallel session #1
  • Lunch
  • Parallel session #2
  • Parallel session #3
  • 6pm: Committee Dinner (Invitation Only)

23, Aug., 8am-5pm: the 2nd day presentation

  • Plenary #3
  • Plenary #4
  • Parallel session #4
  • Lunch
  • Parallel session #5
  • Poster session
  • Local bus tour
  • 6pm: Banquet (Puppet theatre+best paper awards+next venue of ICIUS2018)

24, Aug., 9am: Post tour to Hakka Culture Center (free; for the first 80 persons)


1. Title: Development of UWV at CentrUMS- ITB, from the Laboratory to the Spin-off Company

Prof. K. Muljowidodo is the Director of Automation & Robotics Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia and the previous President of ISIUS. In this talk, he will present the progress of a spin-off company in Indonesia producing UWV's.


2. Title: Tailless Insect-Mimicking Flapping-Wing MAV: Review and Perspective

Prof. Hoon Cheol Park is Division Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea. He will provide a practical comparison of bird-mimicking FW-MAV and insect-mimicking FW-MAV, challenges in both types of FW-MAVs, current state-of-the art in insect-mimicking FW-MAV, controlled flight of KU_Beetle, and perspective of insect-mimicking FW-MAV. Prof. Park is also the Vice President of ISIUS now.


Plenary Lectures:

3. Title: Remotely-Operated Autonomous Drone (ROAD)

Mr. Tsung-Hsien Chen is a senior engineer and the project manager of Remotely-Operated Autonomous drone (ROAD) within Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan. He is currently involved in projects developing key technology to provide a flexible, reliable, safe, and long-time tele-operated drone fleet management total solution of using 4G cellular network,  and it also overcomes the major challenge from current limitation. Mr. Chen is also past director of Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF Taiwan), and is devoted to promoting embedded technology. His research interests include mobile computing, wireless sensor network, drone technology, and embedded system.

4. Title:  Introduction of Humanoid Robots Designed by TKU

Prof. Ching-Chang Wong is currently Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Chairman of the Intelligent Automation and Robotics Center at Tamkang University (TKU). In 2009, he received the Fellow from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in UK and the Outstanding Automatic Control Award from the Chinese Automatic Control Society (CACS) in Taiwan. In 2016, he received the Fellow from the Chinese Automatic Control Society (CACS). His current research interests include Computation Intelligence, Intelligent Control, and Robot Design. He is a member of several international and domestical societies. In Taiwan, he serves as the board members of Chinese Automatic Control Society, Robotics Society of Taiwan, and Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Association.

Other Invited Speakers:

Prof. Kwang-Joon Yoon, Konkuk University, Korea

"Tilt System Design of Tilt Multi-Rotor Winged Drone with Full Scale Wind Tunnel Test"


Prof. Y.M. Zhang, Concordia University, Canada

"Robust Actuator Fault Diagnosis for Unmanned Quadrotor Helicopter in the Presence of Disturbances"


Prof. Kenzo Nonami, Chiba University, Japan

"Advanced Technology and Prospetive of Startup ACSL Drone"


Prof. Rini Akmeliawati, International Islamic University, Malaysia

"Dynamic Model Identification of Beetle-Mimicking Flapping Wing Micro-Air Vehicle in Full Flight Envelope"


Prof. Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi,Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

"CFD Based Prediction of Lateral-Directional Stability Derivatives of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" 

Prof. Wei He, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

"An All Servo-Driven Ornithopter"


Prof./PRO U. Chandrasekhar, Vel Tech University, India

"Comparative Studies on Biplane Ornithopters with Tandem and Clap-Fling Designs"

Prof. Debopam Das, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

"Aerodynamics of a Flapping Wing with Fixed Bend Spar"

Prof. Srigrarom Sutthiphong, University of Glasgow Singapore

"Vision-Based UAV Formation Control"

Prof. Balasubramanian E., Vel Tech University, India

"Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Inspecting Railway Bridges and Heritage Structures"

Dr. Lau Gih-Keong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"Elastic Storage for Energetically Efficient Flapping Flight"

Dr. Woei Leong Chan, National University of Singapore

"Implementation of Active Attitude Stabilization on a Double Clap-and-Fling Flapping Wing MAV with Surveillance Capability"