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(1) Regular Paper

A. Control and Computation

B. Flapping Wing and Biomimetics

C. Fixed Wing Unmanned Air Systems

D. Rotary Wing Unmanned Air Systems

E. Others, e.g. sensors, actuators, ROVs, AOVs, UWVs, walking machines, etc.

(2) Special session: Bio-inspired flight

(3) Special session: Humanoid Robotics

(4) Special session: Modeling and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

(5) Special session: Heterogeneous Robotics Systems for Disaster Response


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e.g. (1)A. Control and Computation ; paper ID=#1001

ICIUS2017_paper template_new

The standard pages per paper is 4; extra page charge is US$50 (NT$1,500) per extra page.